Friday, June 20, 2008

Deaf Ninja

I decided to experiment around and seeing if I could accurately translate one of the all-time great ASL stories, Deaf Ninja.


Ur said...

It wld be great to see Deaf Ninja caption, can't wait! Hey, I'm setting up a blog but need to learn... how u post the Deaf Ninja video there, and what u use to caption (software?) thx!!


Dianrez said...

That's GREAT! I found the button (language) and clicked on the 90% English option, then clicked again for full screen. Wow! I can't wait to send this to my hearing and HOH friends for their enjoyment. Thanks for a good job!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I see the language option but not how to get it to full screen. Please explain as some of the captioning is cut off on the smaller size screen.

DB said...

Hi, folks. I am so sorry I did not see these comments for months, as I've only just checked back into this blog!

I use DotSub to subtitle videos. I love their website because users of other languages around the world can then translate the video to their own languages once it has been transcribed. This is the most universal way of spreading information to people.

I am aware of some browser difficulties, and suggest that users use either FireFox or Safari. I also suggest that they watch the videos in the full screen format. For some videos, you have to click on "choose language" and drag it to English in order for the subtitles to appear. I hope this helps and I apologize again for the delay in responding.

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